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Youth and student work
Youth work

Youth work

Youth pastors

A steadily growing number of youth pastors in the Evangelical Lutheran Church– reflects our desire to reach young people. We want to show young people that we take them seriously. The youth pastors' task is to meet young people in a language and a form that they speak and feel comfortable with. This can happen at special church services, on the street, or at educational institutions etc. 


Another way in which the church reaches out to 13-14 year-olds is through the preparation for confirmation. Preparing young people for confirmation includes teaching and talking with them about life's big questions, God and faith. Go to the page Confirmation if you want to know more about this option.

Voluntary organisations

Some churches have youth groups that serve as faith-based meeting places for teenagers. Often youth work is carried out by voluntary organisations. This is true in the cities as well as in the villages in the countryside. In the right-hand box you can find a list of youth organisations. The list does not comprise all voluntary youth organisations but only organisations that have an English language website. 

The photo above is taken at an FDF open air service. FDF is a voluntary organisation. Learn more about FDF by following the link here under.

Youth organisations