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Global involvement
The Danish Church Abroad

The Danish church abroad


53 churches since 1867

The organisation that now comprises 53 Danish seamen's and overseas churches began its work in 1867. You will find the Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen’s Church (Danske Sømands- og UdlandskirkerDSUK) where there are a large number of Danes in residence. Our wish is to be able to reach even more places; whether or when we are able to do so is a question of economics.

Where to find us

Our churches are scattered around the whole world in cities with many Danish residents and in seaports with many visiting Danish ships, as well as in South Slesvig. The Danish seamen's and overseas churches can be found in


Each church has one or more Danish pastors appointed to ensure an ecclesiastical service according to the customs and practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark – for Danes outside the country's borders. The seamen's churches in the large port cities provide a base for extensive onboard visits to Danish ships calling at the world's largest ports.

Organisation and management

The Danish Church Abroad / Danish Seamen's Church is led by a board of governors. The administration in Denmark has 10 employees led by Dean Pia Sundbøll.

By far the greatest part of our expenses is covered by fund raising and by contributions from our congregations, while the Danish Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs gives a grant that covers a substantial part of salary expenses.