Fortsæt til hovedindholdet
Global involvement
Church, environment and climate change

Church, environment and climate change

God's creation

The Bible teaches that the earth and everything on it, the sea and everything in it have been created by God. The creation stories in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, chapters 1 and 2, show how God created the world and gave it to man to enjoy and to take care of. We have been entrusted with the responsibility for the stewardship of the earth, to protect and defend creation.

Local initiatives going green

Many parish churches are conscious of their responsibility as Christians to protect the earth and its resources, and many concrete initiatives have been taken to care for the environment. These initiatives include special services with a focus on creation, ways to reduce the electricity consumption and the buying of organic and/or fairtrade products. A growing number of parish churches commit themselves to being green. This means that they engage to follow a set of recommendations regarding worshipping, teaching and information, use of electricity, water and heat, transportation, shopping and waste treatment.

Grøn Kirke (Green Church) is an initiative launched by the National Council of Churches in Denmark. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark is one of many member churches of the council. Learn more about Grøn Kirke and find the green churches on a map.

Global responsibility

Christianity is called a universal religion because Christians believe that God has created the universe and everything living in it, and that Jesus Christ has come to save and restore the world, that is, not only human beings but the entire creation. When Jesus became man and lived on earth, God's Kingdom too made its entry into the world. Since then Christians have taken part in the building of God's Kingdom – that is the restoration of relationships between God and man, between people and people groups, and between man and creation – by engaging in mission and development aid.

Want to take responsibility?

If you want to engage in environment and climate issues on either a local or a global level, you may contact your local parish church, the National Council of Churches in Denmark or If you want to know more about church, environment and climate change, these might be able to provide some material or to direct you to someone who can. For example has a list of links, some of which lead to English language websites.