Fortsæt til hovedindholdet
Global involvement


The mission of the church

The word "mission" means being sent to perform a specific task. The Church has been sent by God to the entire world to preach and embody the good news of His unconditional love for all of us and for all of creation. Being sent is thus part of the Church's identity.

Sharing the good news

The Church shares the good news of God's unconditional love for us not only through words, music, drama and images but also when Christians show love for others through friendship, fellowship and care. Jesus said to those who believed in him: "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." (The Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, verse 15). And Jesus showed through his own life that God is love and that He wants to restore broken relationships and broken lives.

Sharing with all people

Jesus' friends and followers went into the world and told people what they had seen and heard, and they showed the same love to people as Jesus had shown them. Wherever they travelled, new fellowships arose; people cared for each other and for the poor and the sick.

Locally and globally

As the first Christians went into the world and churches emerged, cross-cultural and international fellowships developed. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark is a member of several global fellowships, for example the World Council of Churches. The Church is sent to serve both locally and globally; Christians are called to reach out to their neighbours and to go into all the world.

Get involved

Many parish churches bring the good message of God's Kingdom to people in their area through social, cross-cultural or other kinds of work. Likewise, many are involved at a global level through projects that they support financially or through a relationship with a sister congregation in another country that they support in prayer. A number of national organisations serve in other countries. If you want to get involved either locally or globally, you may contact your local parish church or one of the national organisations to get more information on what you can do and where. Find your church by following the instructions on the page Find a church.