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Local involvement
Activities and events

Activities and events

Activities in the parish churches

The great majority of parish churches run various activities during the week. That is, in addition to the Sunday service there are several other meeting places for people who want to participate in the life of the congregation. 

The activities offered by a particular parish church often reflect the composition of the congregation. For example, if there are many teenagers there may be a youth club or a children's choir. If a church has many immigrant members or visitors, it may host international evenings or organise dinners where immigrants and Danes meet. Other examples of activities are: women's clubs, Bible study groups, Alpha courses (an introduction to Christianity), hymn singing with babies and their parents, parish weekends, special church services, study trips, concerts, etc. 

To find out what happens in your parish church, check the church's website and/or the church magazine. Most churches have a magazine that they distribute in the parish once every third month. Another option is to ask your pastor to introduce you to the work of the church. Find your church by following the instructions on the page Find a church.

National events: The Parish Collection and Danish Church Days

Every year on the first Sunday of March, DanChurchAid's door-to-door collection takes place. DanChurchAid (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp) is an ecumenical organisation rooted in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. The objective of the organisation is "To help and be advocates of oppressed, neglected and marginalised groups in poor countries and to strengthen their possibilities of a life in dignity." The annual event is called The Parish Collection and it mobilises around 20,000 people who take to the streets, collection box in hand. The specific focus of the collection changes from one year to the next but the goal is always to help people in need. On a local level, the collection is organised by the parish churches. Hence, if you want to be part of the event, you can contact your local parish church. Find your church here.

Every third year the Church in Denmark celebrates its Christian fellowship during what are called the Danish Church Days (Danske Kirkedage). The event is the biggest interdenominational event in the country. It begins on Ascension Day and lasts four days. The dioceses take turns in organising the event, which gathers some 4,000 people. The Danish Church Days have both a national scope in that people from various denominations meet and an international perspective that shows in a focus on global issues and visits from abroad.