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Visit a church online

The parish church 

The Danish word for parish, sogn, comes from the verb søge meaning to seek together. Thus, "parish" is used for the area where people seek together or proceed together to the local church. The parish usually has one church, one or more pastors and a parish council. Therefore the church is called "the parish church" and the pastor "the parish pastor".

A few numbers

The Evangelical Lutheran Church consists of 2,201 parishes with a varying number of inhabitants. Thus in approximately 100 parishes there are less than 200 inhabitants whereas almost 100 parishes have more than 10,000 inhabitants. Each parish has at least one church. In some parishes there are two or more churches. The Evangelical Lutheran Church has roughly 2,350 churches. The oldest church building in use is from 1080 and the most recent was inaugurated in 2010.


Online visits

Some churches offer online visits. Below are a few examples:

Grønnevang Church, Hillerød

Skive Church

Tikøb Church
Vollerslev Church