Fortsæt til hovedindholdet
Where to find information

Where to find information

The Danish State Archives have both online services and Reading Rooms in Copenhagen. The Reading Rooms are open to the general public. Access to and use of materials – online and offline – is free. 

To know more about the Reading Rooms, visit the website of the Danish State Archives
The Danish State Archives provide several online services and records, e.g.

  • The Danish Demographic Database. This database enables you to search for individuals when you already have some information. It contains information from censuses, on immigrants (search in Danish) and emigrants (search in English is possible).
  • This online service gathers data from Parish Registers and Population Censuses.
  • The Catalogue of the Danish State Archives, Daisy. The catalogue allows you to search for information about the creators of the Archive series and to search through the Archive series (search of the records, not within the content of the records).

When using the online records, the search will most often be in Danish.

If you do not find what you are looking for in the Danish State Archives, you may contact the parish where the person you are searching for was born, married and/or buried. To locate a parish, visit Sogneportalen.

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