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Church order
Church service

Church service

The Sunday service is the main service in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (ELCD). The Order of Worship is characterized by its two main parts: firstly the service of the word, including readings from the Old Testament, the Epistles and the Gospel as well as a sermon, and secondly the service of the table which surrounds the Eucharist. Also hymns play a great role in the theological consciousness and in popular appropriation of the Christian faith. In the Sunday service usually 6-7 hymns will be sung. 

Baptism is usually performed at the Sunday service. The ELCD practises infant baptism for the most part, but all are welcome to be baptised.

Confirmation usually takes place during a Sunday service in the spring. Most young members of the church take confirmation classes at the age of 13 or 14.

Other rites in the church are wedding and funeral services. Some parishes practise confession as a part of special church services.

Special services

Many parishes have developed services directed at particular groups, e.g. services for families followed by an evening meal called Spaghetti servicesrhythmic services for young people, All Souls prayer services for people who have lost loved ones. More on special services.