The history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark is intertwined with that of the global Church, in particular other Lutheran churches. Nevertheless, the cultural and historical context in which it is embedded has shaped it in a unique way. This section explores our history from four different angles.

Important datesImportant dates

From the introduction of Christianity in 960 CE over the Reformation and the Constitution from 1849 to recent events, the history of the church is marked by both celebration and mourning. >>>

Important people and movementsImportant people and movements

A number of theologians and other personalities have played an important role in the shaping of the church's identity, thinking and involvement in the world. >>>

Important controversiesImportant controversies

Issues such as re-marriage after divorce, female clergy and same-sex marriage have given rise to controversies within the Evangelical Lutheran Church. >>>

Ten important churchesTen important churches

Discover ten churches that represent ten pieces of the puzzle of the history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark: the largest, the oldest, the mobile church, ... >>>


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