WHO WE ARE - The Evangelical Lutheran Church in DenmarkWHO WE ARE - The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

What we believeWhat we believe

We believe in one God. We believe that God has three forms: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We say that God is a Trinity. >>>


How do I become a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark? Do I have to pay for it? >>>

Church historyChurch history

The history of the Evangelical Lutheran Church is full of important dates, people, controversies, movements and parish churches. >>>

Who works in the church?Who works in the church?

Employed staff and volunteers, church musicians and parish council members, pastors and sacristans... >>>

Meet people from the churchMeet people from the church

What kind of people compose the local congregations? How are they involved? Why? >>>

Visit a church onlineVisit a church online

What might a parish church look like from the inside? What is a baptismal font? Do all churches look the same? >>>


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