The worship of the Church makes use of various symbols. Likewise, if you visit a church you will find many symbols and diverse artistic expressions. The following pages give a short introduction to types of symbols and art that you may see in the parish churches. These include liturgical colours, Christian symbols, the altarpiece, and symbols associated with specific rites or festivals.

Liturgical coloursLiturgical colours

Liturgical colours are the colours used for textiles within the context of the church service, e.g. white and purple. >>>

Christian symbolsChristian symbols

Among the frequently used Christian symbols are the cross, the crucifix, the fish, the dove and the ship. >>>

The altarpieceThe altarpiece

An altarpiece is a representation of a sacred subject. It functions as a visual aid to understanding and worship. >>>

Rites and festivalsRites and festivals

Some symbols are rite or festival specific. This applies to for example earth, water and eggs. >>>


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