The Sunday serviceThe Sunday service

In Danish, the word for church service is gudstjeneste. The Sunday service has a special name, højmesse, and a set order of worship. >>>

Special church servicesSpecial church services

The order and type of events during a special church service are defined according to a specific audience, a theme or a music style. >>>

Sacraments and ritesSacraments and rites

We have two sacraments: baptism and the Eucharist, and three rites: confirmation, marriage and funeral. >>>

The BibleThe Bible

The Bible is the world's most read book and Christianity's most important book. It has been translated into Danish and is used... >>>

Hymns in EnglishHymns in English

Hymns play an important role in the church service. Some Danish hymns have been translated into English. >>>


To pray is to talk with God, to be conscious of His presence and to listen to His voice. Prayer is essential for church services and church life. >>>

Festivals and traditionsFestivals and traditions

In Denmark the rhythm of the year is organised around the major Christian festivals and traditions. >>>

Symbols and artSymbols and art

Christian symbols and art are widely used in the church. Some symbols have come to represent Danish nationality... >>>

Liturgies in other languagesLiturgies in other languages

The liturgies, i.e. the orders of worship, used in the Evangelical Lutheran Church have been translated into several other languages... >>>

Services in other languagesServices in other languages

Some parish churches hold services in English and a growing number of migrant churches hold services in other languages. >>>


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